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Jay from Texas



from Texas

Jay is a very lovable young boy who has a great time playing with monster trucks! He is very active and enjoys spending his free time outside. Jay has a lot of energy and keeps everyone busy trying to keep up with him. He loves playing soccer and is always ready to play basketball. Jay enjoys fishing adventures and likes to go on evening bike rides. He is always excited to try out new activities! Jay speaks and understands both English and Spanish. He has a delightful and active imagination and enjoys playing with other children. Jay likes to watch Gospel music videos. He can be helpful at home, very sweet, and shows good manners. He especially likes to celebrate holidays; his favorite ones are Easter and Christmas. His favorite snacks are Takis and pickles. Jay has a personable disposition and is a very friendly child. He has a good-natured personality!

Jay's family will have the time and patience to devote to his care and upbringing. He needs a home that can offer him structure, safety, and consistency. Jay will benefit from an energetic family who can keep up with him, as he is always on the go. He will also benefit from a family that has received Trust-Based Relational Intervention training. Most importantly, Jay needs a family who will offer him unconditional love and patience!

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