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Jayden from Texas



from Texas

Jayden is a sweet and loving boy who likes interaction with people at all times. He enjoys being around others to include his peers at school and his foster parents. He feels good when he's outside either going for a walk, swinging on the swings, climbing obstacles, kicking a soccer ball around, and interacting with other children. Due to how social he is, He really enjoys school where he can engage with his classmates and teachers. He is non-verbal and autistic, so he has persevered in meeting some typically easy daily living tasks. He is able to dress and undress himself, and he's slowly improving on his skills with utensil usage during meals. Jayden continues to work on gaining more independent life skills training and will sometimes affirm to verbal cues in his time of need. He uses verbal cues to communicate multiple wants and needs with his caregiver.

Jayden's forever family will be patient, nurturing, and compassionate. His family will be flexible and able to adapt to all of Jayden's needs. It would be beneficial for his family to be educated/experienced in working with Jayden's disabilities and be supportive of the services to meet his basic, therapeutic, and special needs. Jayden would love to have a family who will have him around multiple people, such as an extended network of friends and family.

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