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Jaylen from Texas



from Texas

Jaylen is a sweet child who loves sports, fishing, shopping, food, and music. His favorite music is gospel music and he doesn't really have a favorite food. He is a family oriented, caring, and helpful boy. Jaylen likes to receive attention from adults. He also does well when provided time to himself and given an opportunity to discuss what has bothered him. Jaylen is working on how to express his feeling in a positive manner. Jaylen loves to shop. He is a fashion fanatic and loves to keep himself and his surrounding clean. Jaylen's dream is to play in the NBA or become a police officer!

Jaylen will benefit from a two-parent home which will provide patience, unconditional love, and a structured environment. He will do well with older siblings who can be a positive influence for him. Jaylen will also do well in a family who is active and enjoys participating in various activities in the community. His forever family will be supportive and advocate on his behalf. They will encourage him to achieve his goals and dreams.

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