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Jaymerius from Texas



from Texas

Jay has a huge smile that lights up the room! In his free time, you'll find him working on his LEGO sets or building and painting some of his model cars and trucks. Model car building is one of his newfound talents. Jay doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up but likes to build things from written plans so that he may seek a future in architecture. Like most boys his age, he enjoys playing arcade games, riding bumper cars, and engaging in a game of laser tag. When not at the arcade, Jay enjoys playing a game of basketball or riding his bike. He also loves anything Star Wars! Jay will tell you that some of his favorite foods include spaghetti, tacos or eating at McDonald's. He has many friends in his neighborhood and gets along well with them. He has friends at school and is well-liked by his teaching staff. Jay participates in playing the flute in his school band.

Jay is open to any home environment. He has no preference in big city or small town living. Jay really wants to be adopted into a home where he is either the only child, or the youngest. Jay's forever family will provide one-on-one time and he will thrive in a stable, structured home.

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