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Jazmyn from Texas



from Texas

Jazmyn is a beautiful, little girl who has a sparkling personality. She loves princesses and playing with dolls. She enjoys making everything from arts and crafts, to science experiments and painting. She loves stuffed animals and a perfect day for her would be a trip to the Build-A-Bear workshop. She loves dressing up and wearing matching outfits with accessories. She enjoys shopping for just about anything and also enjoys window shopping. She has a special interest in JoJo Siwa and squeals whenever she sees a product of hers, like a backpack or purse. She also likes music, dancing, and riding her bike. Jazmyn does well academically in school but at times needs supportive services if she needs redirection. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Jazmyn wants to be part of a family. She is looking for a family that will build a strong relationship with her so that she can establish trust. She will benefit from a loving, support environment. The family will be willing to seek services to help her work through her history and thrive. She will do best with a family who sets clear expectations, but will also provide extra nurturing to help her heal. She needs a family that has a great deal of patience and understanding to give her time to learn to trust them to parent her. She needs parents that can teach her how safety can be found in a family, so she can understand security and love. Jazmyn has a sister who is not a part of this adoption, with whom she would like to maintain contact. She hopes to find a family that will take care of her, let her have contact with her sister, and who will take her places, such as amusement parks and fairs. She is used to the city, but is also open to living in the country.

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