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Jazzy from Texas



from Texas

Jazzy is a very outgoing teen who loves to listen to music! Her favorite artist is Taylor Swift and she can listen to her on repeat. Jazzy also likes to dance to TikTok videos, play on her tablet, and watch movies and TV. She is great at helping with chores around the home, and her favorite chore to help with is sweeping. Jazzy has a nurturing personality towards younger children and especially loves receiving attention from her caregivers. She loves riding her bike in the afternoons and on weekends around the neighborhood. Jazzy would love to be an only child in her forever family and soak up all the attention, but she also gets along with other children in the home. She likes to have her hair braided and her nails painted. Jazzy enjoys animals, especially dogs.

Jazzy will thrive in a family who can provide a loving, supportive, and consistent environment. A family who can offer patience, understanding, and continued guidance will be beneficial for Jazzy and her continued personal growth. Jazzy desires a forever family that will be committed to her for the rest of her life. Her family will spend a lot of one-on-one time with Jazzy and access any needed resources. Jazzy will do well in either a single parent or a two-parent household who can provide the time and attention she deserves. Jazzy will benefit from being only child or with older children in the home.

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