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Jenna from Texas



from Texas

Jenna is a very energetic, curious, determined, and loving child. She is a creative youth who is becoming more artistic by the day! She loves arts and crafts and creating masterpieces. She reports that she is drawn to bright colors as they make her happy and this can be seen in her drawings. As much as Jenna loves to create, she also loves to show her artwork off and will often create special pieces for those she cares about. Jenna is drawn to younger children and dreams of being a big sister. She enjoys shopping and getting her nails done. Her ideal day would be spent doing everything she loves, including going to the movies, grabbing Italian food, and then hanging out with her friends or family. Jenna has a big heart and big personality. She makes life more fun!

Jenna's forever family will truly be her "no matter what family" and will commit to her whole heartedly. Her family will be patient and understanding. Her family will provide structure and consistency in her life. She will benefit from a loving family who will set clear boundaries and provide her with plenty of love and nurturing. Her forever family will be caring and will help her grow as she is trying to find her individuality. Jenna reports that she wants a "baby sister" but will need to be shown how to be patient with a younger child. Her family will advocate for any educational needs. Jenna does have older siblings that are not part of this adoption that she wishes to keep in contact with. A family that supports this connection would be ideal.

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