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Jermiah from Texas



from Texas

Jermiah is an articulate and friendly child who likes to make people laugh. He enjoys making other people laugh, but it's a challenge to get him to laugh. Some of his favorite things include watching TV and playing outside. He enjoys participating in church related activities, like kid's church. He loves learning, talking, and being the center of attention. He is a people person who is somewhat shy when you first meet him, but he quickly opens up. Jermiah responds well when he is talked to about his behavior and told why the behavior is not best. He has a connection with his brothers, who are not a part of this adoption, and would like to maintain contact with them. Jermiah enjoys school and enjoys the challenge of math. His favorite foods are beans and rice, pork chops, and going to eat out, especially at McDonald's. Jermiah wishes to have a forever family. He is ready and willing to be a part of a permanent, loving family.

Jermiah desires to be a part of a home that has a mother and a father. His family must be loving, active, and consistent. Jermiah will benefit from a family who is patient and experienced with working with children who have a hard time working through emotions. His family will provide nurturing and an emotional connection that is created and sustained overtime. Jermiah's family will have consistent rules, clear goals and reinforce positive behaviors with praise and rewards. The home environment will be highly structured and loving. The ideal family will attend church regularly and be willing to let Jerome participate in extracurricular activities.

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