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Jesse from Texas



from Texas

Jesse is teen who is full of life. He is always down to provide a helping hand to others. He is charismatic and easily cared for by those around him. Jesse is very social and enjoys spending time with his peers. Jesse enjoys spending time with his electronics and is even developing and affinity for assembling and fixing electronics. He is very savvy and handy in fixing things. Another past time of Jesse's is helping at his caregiver's owned store. He is a salesperson and is given the opportunity to show his responsibility in helping keep the store running. He likes making his own money and is always willing to work hard to earn it. Jesse looks forward to being able to continue learning important life skills, and especially having a family who will be able to support him navigate his future goals.

Jesse's forever family will be one that is active and is up for adventures. Jesse looks forward to having a mom and dad and is open to older siblings he can look up to. It is important Jesse this his family be understanding and preferrable have experience in parenting.

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