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Jesus from Texas



from Texas

Jesus is a sweet child who is open to new adventures, especially if it involves a sport. He loves watching and playing sports, especially soccer, football and his favorite sport right now is basketball. He's cheering for Baltimore. Jesus enjoys spending time with his friends and being outside. Jesus' hobbies include playing sports with his friends, making songs/raps, or playing video games; he enjoys just about anything outside. You can often find Jesus reading his favorite book, like the Maze Runner series. Jesus loves to eat a good Sonic burger or pizza, and he also likes ice cream. Jesus loves to laugh out loud and make others laugh as well. Jesus enjoys school, makes good grades, and wants to be a math teacher when he grows up.

Jesus would like a mom and dad who are caring and loving. His forever family will be one that will encourage him to play sports or other extracurricular activities and push him to continue to do his best in school. Jesus will fit best in a family with no siblings. Jesus deserves a mom and dad who will be there for him daily with care and compassion. When asked what his ideal family would be like, he said, "I want a family that will support, care and love me."

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