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Jeyson from Texas



from Texas

Jeyson is a young boy who needs a loving forever family. He is a happy and energetic boy who loves moving about and giggling. She loves toys of different textures, sounds, and colors. He also really enjoys toys he can ride and bounce on. Jeyson likes the sunshine and being outside. When he can't be outside, he enjoys sitting near a window where he can bask in the sunlight. He loves throwing balls and finds it quite funny. He also enjoys listening to music during his walks which seems to motivate and energize him just a bit more. He loves riding the school bus and attending school. He likes foot rubs and cuddles and listening to nursery rhymes in quieter moments. Jeyosn will be a great addition to a very nurturing, supportive, and caring forever family.

Jeyson's forever family will be patient, nurturing, caring and loving. His forever family will be able to meet all of his needs. His family will provide him with ample opportunities to improve his development, learning, and social skills. Jeyson will be a great and bright addition to a supportive and nurturing forever family who will be there for him throughout his childhood into adulthood. He does well with daily routines and structure.

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