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Joe from Texas



from Texas

Joe is a fun-loving child who enjoys playing outside, shooting baskets, riding bikes, or throwing around a football. Joe is a natural athlete and excels at just about any sport that he tries. He likes watching football and basketball on TV and thinks going to high school or college games would be fun too. Joe likes to have friends, he is well liked by peers and he is able to connect with significant adults in his life. Joe has an inquisitive mind and likes to learn by asking a lot of questions. He enjoys learning, though he will benefit from tutoring or a parent that can work with him on his reading and math skills on a daily basis. He responds well to having structure and clear expectations. Joe has siblings in Texas, who are not a part of this adoption, he would enjoy continuing visits with when possible. Visit me at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Joe will benefit from a very structured setting with a family who will firmly guide him in making good choices. A family with children of a similar age or older would be best for Joe. An older brother who could model good behavioral choices for Joe, or a sister who is older and athletic could be good fits for him. Joe will do well with a two parent family or with an independent single male parent family. His family will maintain his supportive services as needed. Joe's family will need to be trained in specific strategies to assure he is given a voice, fear is minimized, and he is able to build trust.

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