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Jonathan from Texas



from Texas

Jonathan is a very active, healthy child who loves to play outside. Jonathan enjoys riding his bike and playing with Legos. When he is not outside, he can be found playing his favorite video game, Minecraft. Other activities he enjoys include going to the movies, playing at the park, swimming and taking in all the attractions at the amusement parks. Jonathan does well in school and benefits from additional support to help him succeed. Jonathan is affable and does better with one on one attention. He is looking for a family that shares his same interests. Jonathan craves a family who will give him one on one attention, take him camping and feed his curiosity by taking him to new and different places he can explore. Jonathan likes to attend church.

Jonathan would like a family with both a mother and father. He will do best in a home with older siblings who he can look up to and can act a role models for him to follow. Church is important to him and the ideal family will be open to taking him to church so he can continue to worship. Jonathan needs an active family who will be able to keep up with him. Jonathan will need a family who will advocate for him and his needs. The family will be structured and have a routine. The family will accept and understand his strong personality and have the patience to guide him to make the right choices. Jonathan would like siblings who are older than him.

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