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Jordan from Texas



from Texas

Jordan bright boy with a friendly personality who enjoys meeting new people and making friends. He is an avid gamer whether it's playing board games, video games on his Nintendo Switch- Just Dance is a current favorite of his, or watching his favorite YouTubers game. He also likes playing outside in the back yard, riding bikes, swimming, and listening to music. Jordan's favorite subject in school is math and science. He is working on communicating his feelings and expressing himself when upset. Jordan wants to get more involved in community activities and is interested in dance or gymnastics. He is a dog lover and is fond of farm animals. Jordan loves Marvel with the Avengers and WandaVision being his favorite shows. Staying connected to his siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, is important to him and he wants a family who will encourage him to have contact and visits with them.

Jordan desires a two-parent home with siblings so there can be more hugs and affection to go around. He will need a family who can provide structure, and firm and consistent boundaries. The home would have lots of love and patience, while he navigates this new dynamic. He dreams of a family who will provide him with new opportunities to help him learn and develop new talents and interests.

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