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Joshua from Texas



from Texas

Joshua is a fun and energetic child that loves to make friends and make people laugh. He enjoys helping cook for the home and takes pride in his meals. He wants to be a chef when he grows up. He is very active and enjoys sports, fishing and has recently taken a liking to hunting. He enjoys being outside. Joshua loves animals, especially dogs. He has shown interest in caring for horses and farm animals. He enjoys playing video games. He also enjoys listening and playing music. He has a guitar and enjoys learning how to play new songs. He is very outspoken and charismatic, especially once he gets to know you. Joshua is very charming. His energy lights up the room and his sense of humor makes everyone laugh.

Joshua's forever family will consists of a dad and a mom. Joshua wouldn't mind having siblings if they are his age or younger. Joshua's family will be loving and supportive. Also, he would like for his forever family to allow him to have game systems and internet access.

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