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Joshua from Texas



from Texas

Joshua is a sweet and soft-spoken youth who likes to play with Legos and watch movies. He is not easily scared and his favorite movies to watch are horror movies. He enjoys shuffling cards, playing Go Fish, and playing board games with others. He is sociable and can make friends easily. Joshua likes to spend time outside and go on outings. He enjoys learning new things and trying new foods. He would like to learn how to ride a bike and needs gentle encouragement to give him the confidence he will need. He enjoys arts and crafts and is proud of himself for being able to draw Spiderman. Joshua learns at a slower rate than others his age and benefits from having simplified conversation and instructions. Joshua enjoys school and benefits from extra support and guidance. Joshua will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Joshua's forever family will be patient and willing to spend time needed to assist in meeting educational goals and learning life skills. His family is one who can provide him with close supervision to ensure his safety and to ensure tasks are given to him are being completed. His family will advocate for his needs as he grows and be proactive in obtaining him the community resources he will need through adulthood. Joshua will do best in a two- parent household or a parent who has active extended support.

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