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Joshua from Texas



from Texas

Joshua is a sweet and polite pre-teen. He can be reserved and slow to open up at first, but once he builds trust with someone, he loves to get to know them and opens up more. Joshua enjoys playing video games and basketball. He hopes to someday be able to play in a basketball league. Joshua does well in school when he applies himself and is very smart, although sometimes he can get bored with schoolwork. Joshua does best in a smaller school setting with more structure. Joshua likes going to weekly boxing classes for a good workout and stress reliever. He gets along well with his peers and enjoys spending time with friends. When in a frustrating situation, Joshua can become mad easily but is working on positive coping skills such as going for a walk. Joshua is a fun-loving youth who will need time to trust and bond with his forever family.

Joshua would do best in a two-parent household with at least one father figure to help encourage him to express his emotions in a healthy way and support his dreams. Joshua could benefit from a strong male role model in his life. Joshua does best in smaller social settings that do not overwhelm him and would likely do better with less kids in a home, although he does get along very well with others. Joshua would do best in a home with caregivers who provide clear boundaries, consistent structure and appropriate discipline. It can take Joshua some time to trust others, so he will benefit from a family who can work on building that foundation of trust and stability. His family will be supportive of his education and push him to completing his goals. He would like a family who will introduce him to new activities and adventures and who will not give up on him when times get tough. Joshua is able to bond and love and needs a family that is patient, loving, and committed to him.

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