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Josiah from Texas



from Texas

Josiah describes himself as funny, friendly, kind, and outgoing. He has quite the sense of humor and enjoys playing video games, Legos or building things, and going fishing. Josiah is incredibly smart and very well-spoken. He would love to have friends to play Pokemon or videogames with as he enjoys peer interaction. Josiah thrives when he receives individual attention. Josiah is working on utilizing positive coping skills. He has good problem-solving skills and is creative in his approach to new problems. Josiah communicates his needs and desires well. Like other kids his age, he is expressive and likes explores the boundaries that are set before him. He benefits from clearly stated boundaries with an understanding of consequences. Josiah will be a great addition to a loving and nurturing forever family.

Josiah's forever family will not have younger children and be able to offer a fair amount of supervision. His family will provide continuous attention and redirection. Josiah loves to help, his forever family will offer him plenty of opportunities to be responsible in a controlled environment. Josiah's forever family will also allow him to be active and help him navigate peer relationships with healthy boundaries. Josiah's family must patiently and lovingly show him what it means to be in a family setting. His family will be prepared to advocate for Josiah's needs in a school setting to ensure he is able to thrive. Josiah's family will love him for who he is and meet him where he's at.

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