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Josiah from Texas



from Texas

Josiah is a young male who is vibrant and full of energy. He enjoys being outdoors with other children his age and playing football and soccer. Football is his favorite pastime, and he looks forward to playing on a team when he finds his forever family. Josiah loves the Kansas City Chiefs and was so excited when they won the Super Bowl. His favorite foods consist of pizza and Chinese food. His favorite drink at Starbucks is the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappe. He enjoys school, and he's currently making all A's. Josiah is polite and helpful, and very well-spoken. He is very well-spoken but can be very shy at first. However, he likes to talk about things he enjoys doing, the foods he likes, and places he wants to visit.

Josiah would be best suited to a two-parent family with a structured routine, and clear and concise expectations. His family will keep him engaged and active. His family will be patient while he adapts to his new home. Josiah will need affirmation and constant encouragement with his schoolwork.

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