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Journey from Texas



from Texas

Journey is an outgoing and ambitious girl. She is creative and sharp in her thinking and hobbies. She has a passion for nail art and fashion. Journey is resilient of her challenges and can be bold in her approach. She receives special education services and faces educational difficulties head on. Journey is engaged and participates in supportive services. She likes to swim, watch television, listen to music and dressing up. Her favorite foods are chicken and spaghetti. She is always happy and grateful to receive new clothes and toys. Journey is very independent and tries hard to accomplish tasks for herself. At times, Journey gets along well with her peer group as well as others outside her peer group. Journey doesn't have a problem expressing herself verbally. Journey has basic knowledge about behaviors that are appropriate and behaviors that are inappropriate, however Journey will test limits at times. Journey is affectionate and loving towards others. She has so much to share with her new family. Journey is friendly and outgoing especially when she feels she is part of the family. She desires to have a loving family. Her future is promising provided she receives the love, nurture, patience, and support that she needs from a family. Journey will be a wonderful addition to anyone's family.

Journey is aware of her situation and desires to be adopted. She wants to feel secure, loved unconditionally, and accepted. Journey needs a family who is consistent and structured. Journey is in need of a family that will ultimately provide her with structure and guidance on a daily basis until she reaches adulthood. Journey will enjoy a family that is active, so she can have the opportunity to get out and do things. The ideal family should be trauma informed and understand Journey's behavior needs. She is in need of a family who will give her the love, nurturing, and support that a child needs. She would like a family who models and praise good behavior, in a loving, caring environment. Journey will be a wonderful addition to any family who is looking to adopt.

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