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Joziah from Texas



from Texas

Joziah is a happy and loving child. He is creative and takes pride in the praise he receives for his art and crafts projects. Joziah also enjoys playing video games, playing with Legos, and watching the Cartoon Network. His favorite cartoon is Sponge Bob. Joziah gets along well with other children. He enjoys playing outside, singing, dancing and swimming with his peers. Joziah loves to be clean and organized. He takes pride in his appearance and dressing in nice clothes. Joziah thrives in organized settings that have structure and daily routines. Joziah loves all animals. He takes initiative in feeding and caring for pets in a home. Some of Joziah's favorite foods are spaghetti, tacos and pizza. Joziah is a polite, outgoing and charming child who's excited to meet his forever family. Joziah would make a wonderful addition to any family.

Joziah's forever family will be one that is nurturing and loving and can provide him with a consistent routine, structure, and stability. Joziah's family should be patient, and willing to provide positive encouragement, praise, and support. Joziah would do well in a single parent or two parent home. Joziah interacts well with older children and would do best in a family where he's the youngest child. Joziah's family should be resourceful, active and capable of engaging him in activities that help him to positively redirect his energy. Joziah will thrive in a loving environment that allows him to feel safe and secure. Joziah will do well in a home with pets. His family will be supportive of Joziah maintaining connections and communication with his siblings.

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