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Juan from Texas



from Texas

Juan is your typical teenager! He is initially shy when first meeting someone, but once he gets to know them and feels that he can build a trusting relationship, he is very transparent. Juan loves to play a variety of video games as well as play on his tablet. He also loves to play sports and especially enjoys playing football and basketball. He is adventurous and enjoys spending time outside. He likes to go on long walks and swim anywhere he gets the chance to. Juan also enjoys choir. He is a boy of many interests. Juan enjoys attending school and his favorite subjects are science and math, mainly because he loves numbers and knows he will need these subjects during adulthood. Overall, Juan is a fun loving, sweet young boy who will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Juan's forever family will be patient, consistent, structured, and offer positive reinforcements. He requires encouragement to flourish and one on one attention. He is opened to the idea of a mother and a father. Juan gets along with other children that are of his same age or similar age. Juan wants to be part of a family that is adventurous like himself, and likes to go to the gym, swim, and go for walks. His family will be an active family that also supports him in his future endeavors.

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