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Juan from Texas



from Texas

Juan is best described as energetic, adventurous, funny, and loves being very interactive with others. Juan likes to use electronics to listen to music and watch videos and movies. Juan likes many outdoor sports, such as, basketball, baseball, soccer, and running. Sports and exercise are important to him, as it provides him the opportunity to be competitive. He is not currently in any extracurricular activities but hopes to join cross country. He also likes to play video games and ride his bicycle. Juan enjoys going to the water park. At times, he has challenges with following directions and would benefit from redirection. He will listen and responds best when the interactions are had on a one on one basis. Juan is helpful and able to complete his chores.

Juan's forever family will set clear rules and routines and structured environment. Juan's family will be patient, understanding and love him unconditionally. His family will help him grow to his fullest capacity. Juan's family will dedicate individual attention and redirection to him. He enjoys doing activities as a family and creating memories together.

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