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Julieann from Texas



from Texas

Julieann is an outspoken, spontaneous, intelligent, and caring youth. She is friendly and loves having conversations with others. Julieann makes friends very easily and is very likable. She is the youngest child and receives much attention, which she enjoys. She has a strong personality, and she is very outgoing. Julieann likes gymnastics and likes being active. She is interested in indoor activities and doing art as well. In the summer, Julieann enjoys spending most of her time at the pool. She enjoys being out and about exploring rather than staying home. She has a big appetite and does not consider herself a picky eater. She is very excited and hopeful about her future. Julieann will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Julieann is aware of her situation and is looking forward to adoption. She wants to be in a safe and nurturing home that will allow her to continue communication with her older siblings. She would like for the family to have pets. Her forever family will provide structure and will be compassionate and supportive. She wants a family who will keep her safe. Her forever family will provide positive reinforcements and also have a giving heart. Her forever family will be nurturing and do family activities as she likes to remain active. Her forever family will ensure she feels unique, encouraged, and acknowledged when she does well.

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