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Julisa from Texas



from Texas

Julisa is very smart, goofy, loving, and respectful. Julisa describes herself as independent and dependable. She loves music, movies, and fixing her hair in different styles. She does very well in school, loves reading and drawing, and is excited to be back. Julisa enjoys being in clubs at her school and likes keeping busy throughout the day. She loves to cook and loves soul food. She is open to trying different foods and hopes to travel one day. Julisa is very outspoken about what she wants and is straightforward when she is having a conversation. Julisa enjoys being with friends but also enjoys her alone time. Julisa is excited about her future and wants to go into cosmetology. Julisa will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Julisa is aware of her situation and is looking forward to adoption. She wants to be in a safe and nurturing home that will let her have contact with her siblings. She would need a family with patience and understanding to keep her safe. She wants to feel loved unconditionally, move around freely, and go on activities with her friends. She needs positive enforcement to reassure her that she is smart and can breathe easier. She has talents that she would like to explore with the support of a new family.

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