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Julius from Texas



from Texas

Julius is a very energetic child. He enjoys playing outside and is very athletic. Julius is competitive and passionate when playing games with peers. He will benefit immensely by participating in group sports. Julius responds well to organized play, as he can be less likely to engage with peers during free-form play at recess. Julius is an intelligent child. He becomes frustrated with math and parts of daily life at times. He has made a notable improvement this school year. Julius enjoys coloring and drawing pictures. He likes to hang his art on his bedroom walls for others to see. Julius is passionate about everything, and is learning how to express his interest. He likes knowing what to expect. Julius is very sweet and engaging when he receives individual attention. At times, he can be aggressive toward peers and adults when he does not get his way. However, Julius responds well when corrected and redirected early on. Julius understands when he has displayed certain behaviors, and articulates ways to improve. He really wants to be a part of a family, who will create a forever home for him.

The ideal family for Julius would be a two-parent household with no other children, or only older children. His family will ideally live in a home with plenty of outside space to allow Julius an opportunity to run and play. The family will participate in Julius' active lifestyle. His family will be experienced in meeting the needs of a child with behavioral challenges. His family will be patient. Julius is used to having siblings, or peers to play with; however, Julius is very active and can be rough with younger children. Julius will benefit from older siblings who he can challenge in athletic events, and be influenced in a positive manner. Julius will benefit from someone who is structured, patient, and experienced in parenting.

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