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Julius from Texas



from Texas

Julius is a talkative, energetic, and sweet young man. Julius is open to sharing his feelings and can state his wants. Julius has a great memory and can tell you in detail about his day. Julius likes to play video games, such as Call of Duty and Minecraft. He enjoys playing on his Nintendo Switch, reading chapter books like Harry Potter or Minecraft books, and going outside to play football. Julius likes to be out running errands and going shopping or staying home relaxing or watching a movie. Julius likes to go to the movie theater and hang out with friends. Julius is proud of being on the A-B honor roll and loves to learn new things. His favorite subject is Science. Julius likes camping and exploring museums to learn about past events or nature.

Julius would like to have a mom and dad. He would like to be part of a family who enjoys staying in or going out. He is open to having siblings in his new forever family or being on his own.

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