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Justin from Texas



from Texas

Justin has a very bubbly personality. He can be shy at first but will quickly warm up to new people. Justin loves being outdoors playing any sort of ball; soccer, baseball, basketball, or dodge ball. Justin loves videos games and spending time on his tablet. Justin is up for any adventure; camping, exploring a cave, and hiking are just to name a few. His favorite thing to do is go swimming on a hot summer day. Justin is very energetic and is always on the go. Justin does not like school; he needs to be encouraged to find anything positive with school. Justin loves to teach younger kids new things, but he can come easily frustrated with younger children. Justin loves a good action movie and all super hero movies; gets some popcorn and hit the couch. Justin will need downtime alone to decompress, especially if he is angry. He is a bold and daring child who likes to test his limits. Justin benefits from structure and consistency, along with love and positive reinforcement.

Justin will benefit from a two-parent home that is structured and consistent. He will thrive in a home with loving and active parents who will keep him involved in extracurricular activities. Justin's forever family will advocate and seek additional supportive services as needed. His forever family will be committed to him as an individual. Justin would do well in a family where he is the youngest child or an only child.

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