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Kamari from Texas



from Texas

Kamari is a happy and energetic child. He always has a friendly smile on his face. Kamari loves cars and sports. Kamari especially loves outdoor sports and may excel in football or soccer if given the chance to participate in extracurricular activities. He enjoys all sports including basketball and tennis. Kamari is very polite to new people and loves to be a helper. He likes video games and watching cartoons. Kamari responds well to positive male role models and loves to help with yardwork and house projects as he likes to feel included and involved. Kamari has a strong bond with his sister, Kiara. He likes being a big brother but likes to have his own space while his sister usually wants to be involved with what he is doing. Kamari is working on his socialization skills so that he can make connections with his peers.

Kiara and Kamari have a close bond and love being together. They play well together and are learning to communicate their feelings when they don't agree. Kiara loves and looks up to her older brother Kamari and at times will mimic his behavior. Kiara is always laughing at Kamari's jokes and wants to do whatever he is doing. Kiara is into dolls and dress up while Kamari is into sports and the outdoors. Kamari and Kiara do very well when caregivers are around to provide guidance during all activities. Kamari has a close bond to his sister Kiara and acts protectively towards her at times. Kamari and Kiara have a relationship that has strengthened over time. When asked, both children state that no matter what, they want to stay together.

Kamari's forever family will have patience, and will be able to provide stability, guidance and structure. Kamari thrives in a well-structured home where behavioral expectations are clear, concrete, consistent, and where behavioral interventions are applied predictably. Kamari's family will allow him to explore his interests and extra-curricular activities that would allow opportunities to develop skills that might contribute to positive self-image, enhanced self-esteem, and offer opportunities to develop prosocial peer relationships.

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