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Kamyri from Texas



from Texas

Kamyri enjoys playing with blocks, Legos, and on his tablet. He also likes to watch television. Some of his favorite programs to watch are Paw Patrol, SpongeBob SquarePants, and other cartoons on Nickelodeon. When at home, he enjoys hanging out and playing with his peers. Kamyri enjoys the outdoors, when it's not raining, and also enjoys making artwork. He likes action figure toys also preferably Spiderman. Kamyri considers himself a leader and self starter. Kamyri can draw but likes to draw animated figures along with drawing animals. He also shows a eagerness to help others when needed. Kamyri likes to talk and has no problem with making new friends. Kamyri would be great addition to any family as he wants to have a sense of belonging and he has a warm hearted personality.

Kamyri will benefit from a family who is loving and highly structured. He loves the outdoors, so a family who enjoys being outside will be a good fit for him. His forever family will enjoy spending time together and be loving and caring toward one another.

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