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Karleagn from Texas



from Texas

Say Hi to Karleagn! Open your heart and meet loving and energetic Karleagn! She pronounces her name "Kar-lee" and she has a bubbly, spirited personality. She loves to dance and sing; and she is always in the mood for a good joke or funny story. She is imaginative and likes to create her own songs and stories. She will flourish with guidance on how to channel her creativity. She also enjoys going to the movies and out to eat. She is just as comfortable outside playing with animals and getting dirty as she is going to get her hair or nails done. Karleagn has a tender heart for others, but needs guidance to help her navigate her own thoughts and feelings as she develops socially and grows into a young lady. She loves to be helpful and is always willing to assist others. She loves and accepts with her whole entire heart.

Karleagn's forever family will be just that: forever. Her parents will love and accept her through thick and thin. They will assist Karleagn in processing and overcoming obstacles in healthy and long-lasting ways and will encourage her when an obstacle is difficult to get through. Her forever family will be excited to learn about and access services to help Karleagn grow into a successful adult. They will advocate for her education and ensure that her school is providing her with the best academic environment possible. Her ideal family may have older children or adult children in college who could be an additional role model for Karleagn. Karleagn's siblings will be patient with her energy and talkative nature. Her family will find ways for her to contribute and feel she is apart of the family. In addition, her forever family will understand the importance of her desire to keep in touch with her siblings, especially if the family resides outside of Texas. This connection is very important to Karleagn. Her family to accept, nurture, and commit to her in return. She is eager to meet her forever family and will make a great addition to an active, fun loving family.

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