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Kash from Texas



from Texas

Kash is a kind youth with a heart of gold who is a video game enthusiast with horror video games being the preferred choice. Evil Within and Resident Evil are Kash's favorite video games. He likes to read and especially likes fantasy books. Maximum Ride and Wings of Fire are two of Kash's favorite book series. His idea of a fun night is staying at home and watching fantasy or horror movies. His top two all-time favorite movies are, The Conjuring and Ender's Game. He is described as being very neat and organized. He likes to bake and would like to learn to bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Kash would be interested in learning how to professionally decorate cakes and other desserts. He has a compassionate soul and cares deeply for animals. He even wants to be a veterinarian one day and also has aspirations of curing Multiple Sclerosis. He is on the right track academically and even takes AP classes. He enjoys challenging science and math courses. He enjoys spending time in nature and would like to take a backpacking trip in the mountains. Kash wants to see and appreciate all the beauty that the natural world has to offer.

Kash's forever family will be open and understanding. His forever family will have an active lifestyle. His family's home environment would be one where he has various opportunities for new experiences. Kash's forever family will be a loving, nurturing, and patient family who will be understanding of his needs. His family will be patient as he adjusts to a new home. Kash's family will offer him unconditional love and be supportive of his educational goals.

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