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Kash from Texas



from Texas

Kash, who prefers to go by Ash, enjoys reading, playing video games and spending time outdoors. He likes animals and enjoys helping care for the family dog. His short-term goals are to get a job and work on getting his driver's license. His long-term goals include graduating high school and getting a car. He has an interest in attending college and is considering a Business Management degree to help him prepare to open his own coffee shop. He is also interested in pursuing Animal Sciences as a minor because he is very interested in learning more about animals and nature. Ash dreams of becoming an entrepreneur one day. He would like to have his own coffee shop or cafe someday. He likes the style that Barns and Noble has and would like to use a similar style for his coffee shop. He currently has an interest in traveling to England as he likes their culture, cheese, and fancy items. He also has an interest in the wilderness and learning to live off the land. Ash likes muscle cars, and he especially likes the older models. He is looking forward to learning how to drive a stick shift.

Kash's forever family will be open and understanding. His family's home environment will be one where he has various opportunities for new experiences. Kash's family will be a loving, nurturing, and understanding of his needs. His family will be patient as he adjusts to a new home. Kash's family will offer him unconditional love and be supportive of his educational goals.

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