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Keenan from Texas



from Texas

Keenan is a warm-hearted young person who sincerely enjoys helping others. He delights in telling knock-knock jokes and uttering silly phrases to bring smiles to people's faces. He takes pleasure in forming friendships at school and is fond of playing indoor and outdoor games. Keenan eagerly anticipates attending church to join the youth group activities. His hobbies include camping, interacting with animals, listening to music, and watching films. He is fond of stuffed animals, toy phones, and Nerf guns. Among Keenan's preferred foods are pork chops, ham sandwiches, and peanut butter and jelly. Given three wishes, Keenan would choose the ability to fly, possess superpowers, and bestow a flying car upon his caregiver. Keenan would make a joyful addition to a nurturing, permanent family.

Keenan's ideal forever family will be committed to providing him with a loving, nurturing, and patient environment. He flourishes in structured and predictable settings. It's important for his family to support his inclination to assist others and foster his strengths while also aiding his growth and development in areas that require attention.

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