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Kelsy from Texas



from Texas

Kelsy is a good-natured young boy who is friendly and helpful. He likes to play basketball and enjoys going on school field trips. Kelsy cares a lot about animals and especially likes taking trips to the zoo to see exotic animals. Kelsy enjoys home cooked Mexican food and likes BBQ. He is a good eater and likes pizza, meatballs, barbacoa, and chorizo. Kelsy enjoys attending church and playing outside. Kelsy uses his imagination to build things with Legos. He loves to draw, play video games, and watch YouTube. Kelsy likes to let loose and dance. His favorite subject at school is math. He is described as a very helpful child. Like many kids his age, he likes anything Pokemon related. He is always excited to collect new Pokemon cards! Visit me at the Heart Gallery of West Texas.

Kelsy's family will be committed to helping him through the transition into their home. He wants to be a part of a secure and loving family who will offer him unconditional love. His ideal family will be one who likes to be active within the home as well as in the community, as Kelsey is energetic and always on the go. His family will be committed to maintaining sibling contact with a younger sister, who is not a part of this adoption at this time. Kelsy will benefit from a family who ensures sibling contact is a priority to maintain and strengthen the sibling connection.

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