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Kenneth from Texas



from Texas

Kenneth is a very fun-loving, outgoing, and kind child. He loves Star Wars and playing video games. Kenneth enjoys school, and his favorite subjects are science and reading. He has a very thoughtful and caring personality. Kenneth loves to help others and desires to be loved. He enjoys completing tasks and always offers a helping hand. Kenneth is very outgoing and enjoys trying new things. He is very optimistic and always looks on the bright side. Kenneth is very mild-mannered, and once comfortable and around his friends, he becomes very talkative. Kenneth is a very bright child who loves to be praised. He still likes to build things such as Legos or building ships. Kenneth enjoys playing video games and being creative as often as he can.

Kenneth's forever family will be supportive of him. They will be a loving and nurturing family. He will thrive in a family who has other children in the home so that Kenneth has others to play with.

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