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Titus from Texas



from Texas

Titus is a very sweet and kind young man. He is polite and very respectful. He is friendly and loves joking around. He enjoys making those around him laugh. He may appear shy initially, but his bright smile shines through when he feels comfortable. Titus likes to be outside and caring for animals. He also likes to draw and watch TV. Some of Titus's favorite foods include mac & cheese, chicken strips and fried pork chops. Some of his hobbies include riding a bike or skateboard. Titus is interested in learning new tricks on the skateboard. He likes doing family activities such as board or card games; his favorite game is Uno. He likes to play kick ball and football. Titus will be a great addition to a loving and caring family.

Titus will benefit most from a two-parent home. Titus family will consist of a mom and a dad. At times Titus does not think before he acts and benefits from ongoing support in this regard as well. His forever family will be "kind, nice, and friendly". Titus' family will continue to advocate for all of his needs. Titus' family will always push him in life to be successful and be there for him every step of the way.

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