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Keshawna from Texas



from Texas

Keshawna is a very cheerful and energetic youth. Keshawna likes to spend time outdoors as well as watch and play sports. Her favorite shows to watch are Mickey Mouse and Looney Tunes. Keshawna enjoys painting her nails and playing pretend dress up. She also loves music and enjoys singing and dancing. Keshawna spends her time playing with her dolls and toys. She is very bright, confident, bold, and outspoken. Keshawna is also very playful and talkative. She is very smart and absorbs information very quickly. Keshawna is also very assertive and likes to be in charge. She is strong willed and is not shy to be around adults or children. Keshawna does very well with older kids in the home. She likes attention and loves to receive affection. Keshawna also has a love for all pets!

Keshawna would like a two-parent home with a mom and a dad. Her forever family will be one who gives her love and affection. Her family will be open to maintaining communication with her brother. Keshawna would like a home with children older in age than her as she seems to bond better. Keshawna would also enjoy a home where she is the only child. Keshawna thrives in a structured and stable environment. Keshawna's family will be patient and create a home with a stable routine. Her family will provide frequent redirection and supervision. Keshawna does well when she is given a task that is followed by a positive reinforcement. Keshawna is excited to find a new home that will love her and understand her.

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