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Kimeon from Texas



from Texas

Kimeon is a kind and respectful young boy who is in need of a loving forever family. He can be reserved at first but once he gets to know a person he is quite talkative and very friendly. Kimeon is a bright boy who likes to think things through and will not hesitate to ask questions. He enjoys being outdoors and participating in different social activities. He also enjoys having time to himself where he can regroup his thoughts and emotions, if needed. Kimeon enjoys watching and playing sports, such as football and basketball. He enjoys collecting Pokemon cards and playing video games. Kimeon is an insightful boy and receptive to learning and experiencing new things. Kimeon would like to be a professional football player when he grows up, but if that does not work out he would like to be a nurse so that he can help people around him. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Kimeon needs consistent support and encouragement. His family will be one where his parents are actively involved and spend one on one time with him. They will inspire him to become his best self and continue to remind him that each day is a new day with new choices for him to make. Kimeon needs structure and positive reinforcement. His family sets clear rules and expectations while allowing him the opportunity for improvement. Kimeon will thrive with a family celebrates his accomplishments and gives positive affirmations for good choices made, but also requires him to take accountability for his actions. It is important that Kimeon's family focuses on his strengths and interests in order to increase his self-esteem. He has regular visits with his two younger siblings and cousin. His family must be open to continued contact with his siblings and cousin among other social activities with age appropriate peers. Kimeon will benefit from a home that is nurturing and able to provide him a range of outlets for his energy.

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