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Kimeon from Texas



from Texas

Kimeon is a kind and compassionate boy who is ready for a loving forever family! He can be reserved at first glance, but once he gets to know you, he is pretty talkative and very friendly. He is a bright boy that likes to think things through and will not hesitate to ask questions. He is an insightful kiddo and receptive to learning and experiencing new things. Kimeon likes being outdoors and participating in different social activities. He also enjoys having time to himself to regroup his thoughts and emotions if needed. He enjoys watching and playing sports such as football and basketball. He also enjoys collecting Pokemon cards and playing video games. He enjoys interacting with animals, especially dogs. He even participated in a goat program and won 6th place! He loves Italian food and can never say no to pizza or pasta! Kimeon would like to be a professional football player when he grows up, but if that does not work out, he would like to be a nurse or a doctor to help those in need.

Kimeon's forever family will provide lots of love and encouragement. His family will be actively involved and willing to spend ample one on one time with him. He will thrive in a home that offers consistent support and daily learning opportunities. His family will inspire him to become his best self and continue to remind him that each day is a new day with new beginnings. Kimeon's forever family will focus on his strengths and interests in order to increase his self-esteem. Kimeon does well with structure and positive reinforcement. He will meet his goals in an environment that has clear and set expectations while allowing him the opportunity for improvement. Kimeon would benefit from a home that is actively involved in the community, neighborhood, school, or church and able to provide him with a range of outlets for his energy. Kimeon will flourish with a family that is nurturing and will celebrate his accomplishments and give positive affirmations for good choices made. Kimeon deeply desires to share his love. He is very excited and ready to find his forever family!

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