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Koby from Texas



from Texas

Koby is a very funny boy and loves to make others laugh. He enjoys funny movies and jokes that make him laugh. Koby is described as being very energetic. He loves to play video games and is very good at navigating technology. Koby also loves football and has played on a team with his peers. He has expressed a desire to be in the NFL someday. Koby is said to be bright and sweet-spirited. He likes to eat Mexican food, burgers, and pizza. Koby enjoys being outside. If he had three wishes, he would want his cell phone and tablet and would want to travel more. Koby does well with math and can answer math problems quickly. He is also good at answering trivia questions!

Koby would do well in a two-parent home. He responds well to a female disciplinarian who also shows love and nurturance. Koby will thrive in a family with structure and clear expectations and show love and support. Koby wants a family that will be patient and understanding and help him with his schoolwork.

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