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Korrion from Texas



from Texas

Korrion, or Korri as she prefers, is a very energetic young girl who loves playing outside, having picnics in the park, and attending outdoor theater productions. She loves going to the pool and swimming with others. She enjoys dancing and singing. She has participated in the dance team in her school previously and would like the opportunity to participate in other extracurricular activities. She has received some piano lessons and is said to have a natural talent, although, she has not kept up with the interest regularly. She loves animals. She's great at playing with them as well as helping to care for them. She loves to color, draw, and try new artistic crafts and projects. She really appreciates when she is able to dress up and take pride in her appearance when she has just had her hair styled and gets to wear a new outfit. Korrion benefits from consistent redirection when it comes to her education. She also benefits from additional educational support.

Korri would like to have a family of either a single mother or a family with a very active mother present. Her forever family will have patience, and a flexible schedule to provide a smoother transition into her home. Korri's family will be kind, loving, and consistent. Her family will also serve as role-models for appropriate boundaries. Korri will be best suited as the only or youngest child in the home. If there are older children in the home, it is best the children have at least a two year age gap.

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