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Kyle from Texas



from Texas

Kyle is a problem-solver and maintaining meaningful relationships is important to him. He is very loyal and protective of those he cares and trusts. He likes to swim and go to the beach, listen to music, watch TV with his peers, play video games, and playing basketball. He enjoys socializing with his peers and engaging in activities together. He attends school regularly and completes his assignments. Kyle is receptive and capable of being verbally redirected when he has a disagreement. He has shown he can utilize coping skills and acknowledges that utilizing these skills are a positive contributing factor to his emotional well-being. Kyle's recent career and personality assessment indicates he is artistic, enterprising, social, and a helper. He prefers to be expressive and likes the opportunity to create new things and be innovative. He is self-confident, talkative, and energetic. Kyle likes to be involved in activities that have to do with ideas, thinking and searching for facts to figure out problems.

Kyle's forever family will understand how complex and relational trauma affects children's behaviors. He enjoys staying active and thrives when spending frequent one-on-one time with others. He is very loyal to those who gain his trust. His family will be willing to keep him connected to positive relationships that are important to Kyle.

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