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Lainey from Texas



from Texas

Lainey is a very funny youth who makes friends easily. She is initially shy until she gets to know you and then she is a very affectionate, loving teen. Lainey enjoys hanging out with her friends and going on group outings. Although Lainey is social and loves her friends, she also enjoys her alone time so she can listen to music, draw, read, watch television, and play video games. Lainey does well with cats and dogs and is very helpful when it comes to taking care of family pets. She enjoys feeling like she is a part of things and is always eager to lend a helping hand. Lainey has goals for her future of being a nurse or working in the medical field. She enjoys shopping with her friends and trying on different clothes. Lainey likes to get her hair and nails done and follow fashion trends. She is confident and not afraid to show her true personality. Lainey is caring and makes others feel comfortable around her.

Lainey's forever family is one that has compassion, patience, and an attentive nature. Lainey would like a family which either has a mom and dad, or just a mom. She would prefer to be the only child in the home but is open to there being other children in the household. Lainey hopes to be with an active family that stays involved in activities and enjoys attending events in the community. Lainey is resilient and is able to adapt to the home environment.

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