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Lakavrianna from Texas



from Texas

Lakavrianna, who likes being called "Bebe," is a spirited, energetic young girl. She is very open about her feelings and expresses them freely. Bebe can be strong willed at times, and likes receiving attention. She is quiet when she first meets you, but quickly warms up to everyone. Bebe loves to play with her dolls in their play kitchen and house. She will spend hours with her baby dolls. Lakavrianna loves watching movies and loves eating candy even more. She is working on improving how she expresses herself when she is frustrated in a positive way. Bebe loves to eat at McDonald's and play games at Chuck E. Cheese. Her favorite foods are pizza and French fries. Lakavrianna is looking to the future and her forever family! Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Lakavrianna will thrive in a family who is positive, active, and participates in community activities. She will benefit from a family who is understanding, encouraging, and supportive as she transitions into her new life. Her family will be patient, kind, and committed as well as have knowledge of trauma-informed interventions. She will benefit from a family who will spend individual time with her. Her forever family will provide positive reinforcement and redirection in a structured home environment.

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