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Lazzer from Texas



from Texas

Lazzer is an energetic and outgoing boy. He is very friendly and is a pleasure to engage in conversation. His aura radiates a positive enthusiasm for life. Lazzer enjoys anything superhero related, such as Batman. He enjoys dressing up in costumes, as he exhibits a flair for the dramatic. Lazzar was a vampire for Halloween this year. He also enjoys dressing up as superheroes, like The Flash. Lazzer is an animal lover and especially enjoys interacting with dogs. His favorite animals are snakes. He always requests Legos as gifts and has a natural inclination for building things. One of his favorite hobbies is playing video games. He also likes to make his own videos on his Kindle. Lazzer likes to play in outdoor sporting activities like kickball. Lazzer is a smart child, who at times needs reminders to stay on task with schoolwork. Lazzer has a thirst for adventure and hopes to be a dirt bike rider when he grows up.

The ideal family for Lazzer will be one who has an active lifestyle, since he is an active and energetic child. He will do well as an only child or the youngest child so he can receive dedicated individual attention. Lazzer will thrive in a two-parent home with structure and a consistent atmosphere. He needs a home environment where he has various opportunities for new experiences as he is always wanting to explore. Lazzer needs a loving, nurturing, and patient family who will be understanding of his needs. His family will be patient as Lazzer adjusts to his new home. Lazzer will need guidance to learn appropriate boundaries and to clearly understand the rules in the home. Lazzer is a bright child who needs a family who will effectively and appropriately address hyperactive behaviors in and out of the home. He will also benefit from a family who values education and who will ensure his educational needs are met.

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