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Lazzer from Texas



from Texas

Lazzer is a fantastic basketball player. He can make shots from almost anywhere on the court up to the half-court line, so don't let him fool you in a game of 1:1. He has an enthusiasm and zest for life that can't be matched. He enjoys anything sports or outdoors-related. You will find him riding a bike or being active outside in his free time. Fishing and hiking are some of his favorite past times. He loves animals and mainly has a soft spot for dogs. He wishes he could have a dog like a pug or a bulldog. He enjoys family game nights, and his favorite board game is Monopoly. He describes his fashion style as sporty casual and takes pride in his footwear. He said he likes to look fly and pick out his clothes. He always requests Legos as gifts and is naturally inclined to build things. Lazzer would like to be a "YouTuber" when he grows up. One of his favorite hobbies is playing video games. He enjoys watching comedy shows. His favorite food is lasagna and Reese's Puffs cereal. He thirsts for adventure and hopes to be a dirt bike rider growing up. Lazzer likes school, and his favorite subject is math. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of West Texas.

Lazzer's forever family will be one who has an active lifestyle, since he is an active and energetic child. He needs a home environment where he has various opportunities for new experiences as he is always wanting to explore. He will do well as an only child or the youngest child so he can receive dedicated individual attention. Lazzer will thrive in a two-parent home with structure and a consistent atmosphere. Lazzer's forever family will be a loving, nurturing, and patient family who will be understanding of his needs. His forever family will be patient as Lazzer adjusts to his new home and offer him unconditional love. His family will also value education and will ensure his educational needs are met.

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