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Letitia from Texas



from Texas

Letitia, or "Tish," is a sweet and quiet youth. She is non-verbal but makes some sounds and says "no" when she is expressing herself. Tish is spirited and loves to blow kisses if she likes you. She enjoys being talked to and included in family activities. Tish loves to get dressed up and have her Victoria's Secret lotion put on her, her nails painted, and having lipstick put on. She loves to be snuggled and watch football and basketball. She loves music and will dance and sway to rhythm. Tish loves to go shopping and being dressed in cute clothes. Tish enjoys going out to restaurants, especially Pappadeaux for their fried fish, loaded baked potato, buttered bread, and don't forget about creme brulee for dessert! Tish will grunt at you with concern if you leave a restaurant before having dessert. She enjoys playing with balls and playing on her tablet. Her favorite TV show is Peppa Pig and hates to be interrupted when watching it. Tish can slowly maneuver her wheelchair around and scoots herself on the floor. She is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Tish utilizes tummy and floor time to work on rolling and using her muscles to pull herself around, she uses a stander to help strengthen her muscles for standing, and she has a G-button for feeding. Tish currently participates in speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

Tish needs a family who will be committed to her for a lifetime and include her as a loving member of the family. They will need to be able to meet her needs and follow-up on any recommended medical care. Her family will include her in any and all family activities and outings. She would enjoy being an only child in the family or having siblings. Tish enjoys the company of others, so any family makeup will be fine with her.

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