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Lylah from Texas



from Texas

Lylah is an inquisitive and kind girl. She is very interested in her surroundings and will explore them all without hesitation. Lylah loves to explore outside. She enjoys going on walks around the yard or in nature. Lylah enjoys jumping on her trampoline outdoors. She is also very happy playing inside where can relax and watch movies on her tablet or television. She likes to play video games on her tablet as well. She loves to be read to and will sit quietly looking at various books. She also enjoys when her caregivers sing to her. Her favorite song at this time is "The Wheels on the Bus". Lylah likes to play with her toys and has a music box that is particularly special to her.

Lylah's forever family will be very experienced and understanding of her needs. Her family life should be structured and her parents should be firm, but loving. Lylah's parents would be familiar with various resources in their area and would be willing and able to access them. Her forever parents will be able to advocate for Lylah in an educational setting. Her forever family will understand that parenting is lifelong and be willing to support and care for Lylah throughout her life. Her ideal home environment would be rich in sensory stimulation without being too overwhelming. Her home would have ample room for Lylah to explore her surroundings safely. Lylah would do best in a two parent home and would do well alone or with siblings her age or older.

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