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Makaylah from Texas



from Texas

Makaylah is an energetic girl with a wonderful sense of humor and a positive outlook on life. She usually does well in school but can be moody about completing assignments and/or homework. She loves to spend time surrounded by others, especially her friends. She really enjoys going to the park or somewhere she has a place to skate on her roller blades or dabbling with a skateboard. She loves to conversate with her friends at school about anime and videos on YouTube or Tik Tok. She wants it to be known that her love language is giving and that she has a lot of love to give to her forever family. Makaylah is very creative and uses drawing as a way to express herself. When asked what she would like in a family she said, "I just want to be loved." She tends to be level-headed but can speak her mind and will be very honest about how she feels. She is a delightful young lady who wants to be part of a loving family.

Makaylah's forever family will support her. The parents do not have to be traditional parents but if they are, the father needs to understand that she is not used to a constant father (male figure) in her life. A family who does not currently have any kids would be best, if the family did have kids no more than one would be ideal. Makaylah's preference is a single mother because she did not have a good experience with her father. She is not closed off to the idea of a father but is apprehensive. Her forever family will be protective and supportive of Makaylah.

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