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Ma'leyiah from Texas



from Texas

Ma'Leyiah has the personality of a loving child who likes to show affection. She will focus when she is playing on her own. Ma'Leyiah enjoys playing with toys, using electronics, and watching television. She can write her name and uses her electronics to communicate. Ma'Leyiah enjoys being outside and playing basketball, going for walks, and swimming. Some of her favorite things to eat are cereal and pizza, and she likes to drink Sprites and Cokes. Ma'leyiah likes to draw on her drawing board and uses her tablet daily. She loves to give hugs to her teddy bears. Ma'leyiah will sit and watch movies all evening if she can. Ma'leyiah smiles when she sees a familiar person.

Ma'Leyiah will benefit from a family who is patient and understanding of her needs. Her family should have knowledge and understanding of youth who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and utilizes ASL to communicate with her. Ma'Leyiah will benefit from a family without many other children in the home.

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