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Ma'leyiah from Texas



from Texas

Meet Ma'leyiah! She is a happy and outgoing youth who enjoys yoga, basketball and ice cream socials. She has participated in special Olympics on two occasions and has enjoyed it very much. Ma'leyiah likes horses and especially enjoys tending to the horse stables. Ma'leyiah keeps a collection of My Little Pony in her room where they are organized and neatly displayed. She loves to watch anything that has My Little Pony, but her favorite pony is Pinky Pie. She has a sweet tooth for anything chocolate! Her favorite subject in school is math. She is studious and very particular about her penmanship. She is a great artist and loves to draw all sorts of animals. When Ma'leyiah is not outdoors engaging in sporting activities, she is indoors watching movies that she checks out of the library. Ma'leyiah is a joy to be around and would be a wonderful addition to a loving forever family.

Ma'leyiah wants a family that will engage with her often. She will thrive in a family that is outgoing and active outdoors with extracurricular activities. Ma'leyiah requires a family that is fluent in American Sign Language. Her forever family will provide affection and hugs. Ma'leyiah thrives in structured environments.

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