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Marcos from Texas



from Texas

Marcos enjoys sports a great deal. He is very interested in being heavily involved with the local football team. He has expressed his desire to go to college someday and become a great psychologist. Marcos has a deep desire to help and care for others, whether they need his help or not. He is a very charming and sweet youth. Marcos gets along well with his peers but at times, he can be competitive. He likes to be talked to and learn new things and environments. Marcos likes to attend new events within the community. He expresses his hopes and emotions in a mature way. He responds to encouragement and positive reinforcement when he makes mistakes. Marcos is likes to be entertained with sports and being outside. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Marcos is a loving boy who needs stability and encouragement. He wishes to have a family who is dedicated to him and his future. A family who will be committed to helping him grow into a responsible young man and meeting his hopes for the future would be beneficial. He requires a stable, well-structured home environment. He needs a home that is nurturing but organized so that he can flourish. Marcos would like a stable and loving family who can give him the steadiness he needs. Marcos will thrive in a family that can encourage him because he does well with positive reinforcement. He will flourish in a home where he is able to express himself and be truly a part of a family unit. The family must be consistent and compassionate towards Marcos.

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