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Marcus from Texas



from Texas

Marcus is a reserved and relaxed young boy. He may appear shy at first and it can take some time for him to feel comfortable around new people. Once Marcus opens up, his incredible personality shines so bright that is hard to miss! Marcus is a jokester and loves making people laugh. He is an incredible storyteller and has an amazing imagination. Marcus is like many young boys his age and has an incredible amount of energy. He loves being active outdoors. His favorite sports are basketball and football but he's always up for a good game of soccer. Marcus also enjoys riding bikes and scooters. Some of his favorite hobbies include playing video games and reading comics. He loves anime and ninjas. Marcus is a very smart young boy. He proudly declares he can read and write in cursive - which he knows is a dying form of art!

De'Sharanique, Ja'Kayla and Marcus are a group of siblings who love to enjoy the world around them! De'Sharanique is the oldest of this adventurous group. She is a very smart little girl who loves to read and dance. Ja'Kayla is an incredibly fashionable young girl who loves shopping. Marcus is the youngest of the group and he is also the serious one, but he has a funny bone that is easily accessible! He loves sports and video games. This group of siblings has a very close connection with each other and love spending time together. De'Sharanique, Ja'Kayla and Marcus enjoy being active outside. They love anything from swimming, riding bikes, and even just a simple day of playing on the jungle gym. When they can't be outside, they enjoy playing games. They will challenge each other to a serious game of Uno. Expect jokes and continuous laughter when you're around this bunch!

Marcus' forever family will accept him and encourage his love for sports. He will do best in a home where there are a limited number of other children. Marcus thrives in an environment where he can have frequent individual attention from his caregivers. He will benefit from a two-parent family who is patient, nurturing, strong, and very structured. He especially does well in an environment where he has strong male role models.

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